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Trusted Divorce Services Reviews


Zeina was such an amazing help to us!        
Her communication was always so quick and clear (over the phone or email) she was very understanding and eager to help, it was wonderful to work with someone who actually cares about what you are going through, we always felt like we were a priority to her. Zeina took care of all the necessary legal paperwork in timely matter, explained legal terminology that wasn’t clear to our understanding. Her suggestions were very valuable and honest. Rates are quite reasonable compared to the law practices around Calgary. It was pleasure to work with Zeina El-Sayed, and I will continue recommending her to everyone who needs paralegal & mediation help.

Violeta Lokietko

After spending over $80,000 over 3 years on divorce lawyers and not getting anywhere, it was nice to have Zeina explain to me how I could finalize my divorce. With her experience on how the clerks and Judges review documents, we were able to file the final papers and I had my divorce order in just 8 weeks at a very small fraction of what I’ve already spent. I am so thankful I found Zeina to finally get this process done!

Tom Feod

I had Zeina help me through some paperwork for an application to vary spousal support. She was very helpful and knowledgeable and seemed to actually care about doing a good job. And when something was out of her realm, that she was not able to handle (because I live outside of Alberta) she told me, instead of blundering on as some would just to keep the cash register going. Thank you Zeina, and if I were in need again, I would recommend you.

Colin R.

I would like to share with all of you how amazing, professional and efficient is Zeina. She made our difficult moment easier, a divorce is never a happy moment and Zeina made everything very smooth and more simple of what I thought . So thank you again Zeina, I could not be more grateful for all your help.

Tu Destino Favorito

Zeina thank you for all that you did. For answering questions I was unsure off. For offering guidance. I would recommended you to family and friends.

Mandy O'connor

I had such a great and helpful experience with trusted divorce services! Nothing is more important than having Someone to trust and feel the comfort to go through this chapter of life, and for me this experience was so easy and smooth with Zeina! She is an amazing person that you can count on her support and help. When I started with her I never thought going through this procedure could be this easy but with her professional help now I am ready to start a new chapter of my life!

Niloofar Alvand

I just want to say how professional Zeina El-Sayed is. I’ve been down this “divorce”road before, Zeina left me without any worries! My divorce was filed in a timely manner and didn’t cost the earth.She went out of her way to get this done as pain free as possible. Her kindness and understanding was amazing! If you need a paralegal call her you won’t be disappointed.

Ali D.

Zeina was professional and so easy to talk to. I can’t believe how quick the divorce went from start to finish – and sadly, this isn’t my first! How I wish I knew her the first time around. I would recommend Zeina a million times over – she is wonderful!

J. Bennett

Zeina offers prompt courteous paralegal service, and demonstrates professionalism that inspires confidence. When I needed help navigating the sometimes complicated Canadian legal system, Zeina delivered straight, practical and workable solutions to my challenges. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Zeina to anyone needing the help of an experienced professional, who really understands the inner workings of the legal system.


Zeina was very helpful with handling my recent case for separation/parenting. She showed great understanding of family law, and meticulously explained the case law for separation, and then divorce. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Zeina for her kind and professional attitude in helping me through very difficult time in my life. I recommend her to everyone

N. Singh

My goals with Zeina were achieved and I was satisfied to the fullest. She is a wonderful person that is punctual and ready to serve you any time. It was fast and easy. I had no trouble reaching out to her anytime I needed help. I highly recommend her.

A. Chemaly

The choice I made to go with Zeina El-Sayed of Trusted Divorce Services was one of the best decisions I could have made. Zeina’s work was extremely professional, courteous, and prompt. After struggling with my divorce for months on my own, and getting nowhere, I knew I needed help. After retaining Trusted Divorce Services, I was able to submit my application, affidavits and many court documents quickly and efficiently. I strongly recommended that if you need help with your divorce, spousal support, child support, and disclosures to use Zeina El-Sayed’s services. You will be amazed; I know I was.

D. Minor

You have been amazing throughout my court proceedings. I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work, advice and insight you have given me. I will, without a doubt, recommend you to anyone I know in the future that is facing a similar situation.

J. Evans

As a Family Mediator, I do not hesitate to refer clients to Trusted Divorce Services for the drafting of their court documents. Their work is affordable, accurate, time sensitive and carried out with great attention to detail. After clients have concluded their mediation, it is highly important to them to have their agreement solidified. I’m fortunate to have Trusted Divorce Services as such a great resource for my clients.

Heidi Wouters, Family Mediator at KidsFirst Resolution

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