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Mediation and Divorce Services


"I help to simplify the divorce process so you can focus on moving forward.
Filing for divorce is less confusing, less stressful and much less expensive when you work with me."

I offer the following services

Affordable Divorce
Preparing your Divorce Documents quickly, efficiently and diligently

Fast Divorce Process
Drafting and processing documents for custody, parenting, child support & matrimonial property

Safe Divorce
Family and divorce mediation services in Calgary if you cannot agree on all issues

Joint Divorce in Alberta

Joint Divorce

Joint Divorce is my recommended type of divorce when you and your spouse agree to an amicable divorce. In a Joint Divorce application, parties agree to the different elements of their divorce, including custody, parenting, and support. They work collaboratively by providing proper disclosure, as well as all the required information to prepare the court paperwork. For Joint Divorces in Alberta, neither party is served with the divorce documents, and both parties sign the paperwork together. Joint Divorces are usually prepared and finalized faster than regular divorces.

Uncontested Divorce Alberta

Uncontested Divorce

An Uncontested Divorce is appropriate in situations when your spouse agrees to the divorce but does not wish to be involved, your spouse is served with the document by a third party. If your spouse does not respond to the Claim (i.e. does not file a defence), his or her consent will not be required for further documents. Note: In an Uncontested Divorce in Alberta, if your spouse cannot be located or avoids personal service, your divorce does not become contested. Alternate ways to serve your spouse can be used.

Marriage Mediation


If there are pieces to your divorce that you do not agree on, before taking your issues to court, consider divorce mediation in Calgary. Aside from being a less stressful and less costly alternative to court, the benefits of mediation are countless. Mediation provides a platform where you can face the issues at hand together, and with the help of the mediator, be able to come to a resolution. With Zeina, agreements related to parenting, matrimonial assets, or your actual divorce, are carried over to your divorce court documents. In other words, your agreements are turned into legal and binding documents and you don’t have to go to court!

Rejected Divorce Application

Rejected Divorce Applications

If you filed your own divorce paperwork, or through another company, and it was rejected by the court, I offer ways to prepare and resubmit documents correctly to get your divorce back on track.  With my 10 years of experience working at the courts, I know what clerks and Justices look for in a file and why files are rejected. As an independent paralegal, I know how to efficiently navigate the messy divorce system, and how to get the system to work for you.

Divorce Paralegal Expert
A Divorce Filing Expert
I have over 10 years experience working for the Court of Queen’s Bench, with the latest role as a Supervisor in the divorce section.

Quick Divorce & Mediation Services
High Customer Service
Personable, timely, reliable & thorough, your document preparation is taken seriously and carefully, offering support at every step of the way.

Affordable Divorce Alberta
Affordable Divorce In Calgary
More and more separated spouses are turning to mediation where they can continue to move forward with their divorce – without a lawyer.

Quick Preparation of Divorce Files
One Stop Shop 
From preparation to court filing, you can count on us for every detail of your divorce: helping you, educating you and supporting you.

"You’re not alone with this process. Taking you through every step, I provide professional, reliable and affordable services in family mediation as well as preparing and filing your divorce documents."

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