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Mediation for Divorce


"Turn your mediated agreements into court documents. I partner with Mediators to transform their clients’ Mediated Agreements into legally-binding court documents."

I offer the following paralegal services for filing a divorce in Alberta:

Acting as your business’ paralegal, giving your clients the option to keep matters out of the court system in Alberta
Ensuring Mediated Agreements and paperwork are legal and enforceable by preparing the forms and filing them with the courts
Acting as a Commissioner for Oath

Independent Paralegal
A Divorce Paralegal in Alberta
I have 10 years experience working at the Court of Queen’s Bench, with the latest role as a Supervisor in the divorce section.

Mediation Services
High Customer Service
Personable, timely, reliable & thorough, your document preparation is taken seriously and carefully, offering support at every step of the way.

Affordable Mediation Services
Affordable Divorce In Calgary
Gradually couples are turning to mediation for divorce where they can continue to move forward with their divorce – without a lawyer.

Quick Divorce Filing
One Stop Shop 
From preparation, filing to mediation paperwork, you can count on us for every detail of your divorce: helping you, educating you and supporting you.

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