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Alberta Divorce Process

At Trusted Divorce Services, we believe that a divorce should be simple, quick and should not cost you the world. While it may be overwhelming to try and complete all the legal obligations in order to get a divorce, we believe that it is not worth the time, stress, effort and money for you to go through it yourself. Whether it's home, the kids, work or your parents, we understand that you have enough to deal with already.

Trusted Divorce Services follows a simple 9 step process to ensure your divorce is swift, efficient, quick and at a reasonable cost. When it comes to helping you file your divorce papers, our primary goal is to keep your best interest in mind. Every divorce is different, and it is at the core of our work to ensure that your best interest is in mind before proceeding with the preparation and filing. To keep it simple for you to understand, we also devised a quick 30-second quiz that helps you identify what your next steps for divorce should be, based on your specific needs or situation.

The infographic below explains our 9-step process for filing a divorce in Alberta.