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Paralegal for Divorce


"I am an independent paralegal, offering affordable divorce solutions in Calgary and helping hundreds of people with their divorce filing for over 10 years" 

Throughout my career with Alberta Justice, I reviewed and processed hundreds of divorce applications, trained new staff on how to review them, and hand delivered the divorce files to the Justices. I know what the clerks and Justices look for in a file and best practices to ensure clients’ files progress smoothly in the court system until finalization. 

I branched out as an independent divorce paralegal and mediator in 2016, and since have committed to facilitate the divorce filing process for my clients, so they feel less stressed, more empowered, and better able transition to their post-divorce life. To keep the divorce affordable, I offer divorce mediation for parties who don’t agree on all issues but wish to get a divorce in Alberta - without a lawyer.

As a divorce paralegal, I use my expertise and knowledge to make your process as clear and simple as possible so your divorce is finalized quickly and diligently.

Divorce Paralegal - Zeina El Sayed

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