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Uncontested divorces - what gets in the way?

Some people reach out to me, saying that their divorce is a “simple” and “straightforward” one.

Great. Next, I draft the document based on what the two parties agreed to and presented together.

However, issues sometimes arise after the document has been served to the plaintiff.

Why do issues arise at this point?

The defendant may become concerned about every detail in the document, afraid the plaintiff will “take advantage” of him or her, and is now concerned about the future of their children or their assets.

What happens often is the defendant now talks to their family and friends, who, of course, want to ensure the document is in their loved one’s best interest. But, at times, these comments can get out of hand. Some comments I have heard in the past include:

  • He talked to his new girlfriend, who does not feel that he is given “enough” parenting time with his kids.
  • She consulted her best friend who reminded her that her that her ex is not someone who can be trusted, and that she is certain there is SOMETHING in that document that was included to “get her”.

Loved ones are not neutral

While I encourage you to share your journey with loved ones and to get other peoples’ opinion, remember that loved ones are not often neutral.

Trust your gut (remember this is YOUR life, not theirs) and connect with the level-headed loved ones in your life and request from them an honest and neutral opinion of the situation.

Hire a mediator

And most importantly, remember that a mediator is hired to be neutral and keep both parties’ best interests in mind.

As a Registered Family Mediator, I have helped hundreds of families find amicable solutions to difficult situations. Call me for a consultation.

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