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How to avoid an expensive divorce

Can divorce cost thousands of dollars?

Divorce can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars to sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What distinguishes how much a divorce will cost is not the number of kids the parties have, neither the amount of property they own, nor their social status.

Disagreeing = lawyers = expensive

What distinguishes one divorce from another, at least cost-wise, is how much the parties agree or disagree on the issues related to children and marital assets. When you are not agreeing, you are most likely disagreeing in court, which can include lawyer fees and missing time at work.

Tips for avoiding an expensive divorce

Separated parties should not jump into attempting to settle their issues right after a separation.

Emotions are high at this time, including negative emotions of resentment, fear, self-doubt, and grief over the relationship. When emotions are high, a person’s ability to think and act logically may decrease. The best solution is to wait until those feelings start to fade away, give yourself a chance to try different parenting arrangements and to gradually reconstruct your life.

Do not think of separation or divorce as an end to the family you had, think of it as a restructure of the family.

One of the three grounds for divorce in Canada is: “living separate and apart for at least one year from the date of separation”. My expertise and experience show that this gives most parties time to cool down and settle before they request the courts to grant them orders related to their divorce.

What if you wait a year, and you still can not agree on things? Next, find a really good family mediator who can help you agree on the hanging issues.

So – what is the best way to have a quick, cheap, and low-stress divorce?

Wait, and if with time things don’t naturally fall into place, hire a mediator!

As a Registered Family Mediator, I provide effective solutions for your divorce. Call me for your consultation to get your divorce on the right track.

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