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Cost of Getting a Divorce in Alberta

  • Zeina El Sayed
  • Divorce
  • July 17, 2018
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Divorce rates have been on the rise worldwide. An article published by Business Insider on May 25, 2014, titled Divorce Rates Around the World, states that depending on the country, divorce rates can go up to over 60% as in the case for Spain, Portugal, and other European countries. Same article shows that divorce rate for Canada can be anywhere between 40 and 49%.

In Alberta, the aftermath of the latest recession resulted in thousands of people losing their jobs, which naturally put a strain on their families’ financial well being. As money, or the lack of it, is one of the factors for divorce, Alberta’s economic situation inevitably had an impact on divorce rates. People now scrambling to make ends meet had to come up with thousands of dollars to cover their divorce legal fees. Because of the high cost of divorce, in the last 10 years or so, the number of people representing themselves has increased tremendously. 

How much does a divorce cost in Canada?

The average cost of divorce in Alberta can be anywhere between a few hundred dollars to sometimes tens of thousands. I share my opinion as to why some divorces end up costing so much in a podcast interview. Through my work with so many separated couples, I’ve observed 4 common factors in those who are stuck in long (and often painful) divorces:

Ill knowledge of the stage of their divorce file

Most law firms don’t have processes in place to keep their client informed. Clients, on the other hand, assume that things are somehow moving along. Even when the divorce process seems overwhelming, it’s important to be involved every step of the way.

Belief in myths

People generally believe that divorce is inevitably long and expensive, so when they experience a long and expensive divorce, they simply accept the situation as it is. In reality, divorce does not have to be this way.

The person has not healed from the initial shock

Some people rush into divorce. They feel that once they separate, they must file for divorce immediately. This is not always the case. Divorce requires energy, time, and focus. If you are not able to provide those three, you should wait. If you jump into a divorce too quickly, you will make unsound decisions which will cost you even more heartache, time, and energy.

Unaware of their options

There are so many great options for divorce that many people are not aware of. Mediation is one extremely effective way to keep things out of court and in the parties’ hands.

Another option that people may not be aware of is hiring a paralegal to finalize their divorce.

A paralegal is a person qualified through education or training and has intermediate knowledge of the law and court procedures to carry out subsidiary legal work.  A qualified paralegal can complete parties’ divorce documents and file them in court on their behalf. She can offer a variety of services at a lower cost as compared to lawyers.

We, at  Trusted Divorce Services, are here to simplify the Alberta divorce process for you and empower you with both control and knowledge. We believe that divorce does not have to be expensive nor long. Our fees are competitive and reasonable. They range between $1000 and $3000, depending on the situation and requirement of each case. At Trusted Divorce Services, our main goal is to help people get unstuck. For that, fees are set, and we offer payments in installments.

Get in touch with us to get an affordable divorce in Calgary, Alberta without a lawyer.


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