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The end of holidays marks the beginning of divorce season for some couples

CALGARY -- The pressure of awkward family functions now safely past, January is when many unhappy couples choose to start to legally separate their lives.

Mediation professionals say it can take months or even years to make the big decision to change course and end a marriage, and the passage of the holiday season lifts some of the outside social difficulties.

"It’s a time when people — not think of divorce, but actually want to file for divorce," says Zeina El-Sayed, a divorce mediator and paralegal. "They reach o...

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Attorneys gear up for busy 'Divorce Day'

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Today could be one of the busiest days of the year for local attorneys as the new year gets into the swing of things.

Paralegal Zeina El-Sayed said that the first Monday after New Year’s Day has come to be known as ‘Divorce Day’, due to troubles couples taking the day to start separating.

“A lot of us know that divorce rates are going up. Right now, it’s speculated that (…) between 50 to 60 per cent of the (marriages) end up in divorce,” commented El-Sayed.

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