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"I want to help you get unstuck"

Want to know the difference between the smooth and affordable divorces and the nightmare ones that are long and painful? There are a few reasons why divorce in Alberta is not as simple as one wants it to be, but there is one BIG REASON.

Look around you. Our society experiences many expensive, bitter, frustrating and slow divorces. It doesn’t need to be this way.

I help simplify your divorce process by preparing and filing your divorce documents quickly, diligently, and at an affordable rate. Whether you choose to file a Joint or Uncontested divorce, getting an affordable divorce in Calgary without a lawyer is much less confusing, less stressful and much less expensive when you work with me.

Start the new chapter of your life much more quickly by knowing the ONE reason a divorce is not as simple as you want it to be. Book a consultation with me to get a divorce in Alberta without a lawyer.

"My values align with what you need"

Divorce Advice

I believe that the more you are informed, the more empowered you are to make better choices for yourself (and your family.) My insider knowledge helps provide more options to keep your file moving along the court process.

Certified Paralegal

I work hard to provide divorce solutions which help in making the process smooth, purposeful and affordable. I strip away all the unnecessary and ineffective steps and provide you with lean and result-oriented services.

Divorce Solutions

I keep your requirements in mind while working with you. From the mediation discussions to the wording in the court documents, your divorce is tailored to your needs and that of your family.

"As a Divorce Paralegal, My Promise to You"

You can feel safe throughout the process. 
I complete your divorce documents and handle them with your best interest in mind.

You are never left wondering about the stage of your file. I am quick at responding and am available in time-sensitive situations.

Your divorce will be final in a timely manner. Process time for my clients’ divorces averages between 3 and 5 months. This time and cost efficiency are not typical in the industry.

There are no hidden costs. Fees are set for joint and uncontested divorces.

Child Support Mediation


"I am an independent paralegal, offering affordable divorce solutions in Calgary and helping hundreds of people with their divorce filing for over 10 years" 

Throughout my career with Alberta Justice, I reviewed and processed hundreds of divorce applications, trained...


"I help to simplify the divorce process so you can focus on moving forward.Filing for divorce is less confusing, less stressful and much less expensive when you work with me." I offer the following services

Preparing your Divorce Documents quickly, efficiently...

Alberta Divorce Process

At Trusted Divorce Services, we believe that a divorce should be simple, quick and should not cost you the world. While it may be overwhelming to try and complete all the legal obligations in order to get a divorce, we believe that it is not worth the time, stress,...


I would like to share with all of you how amazing, professional and efficient is Zeina. She made our difficult moment easier, a divorce is never a happy moment and Zeina made everything very smooth and more simple of what I thought . So thank you again...

My goals with Zeina were achieved and I was satisfied to the fullest. She is a wonderful person that is punctual and ready to serve you any time. It was fast and easy. I had no trouble reaching out to her anytime I needed help. I highly recommend...

Zeina offers prompt courteous paralegal service, and demonstrates professionalism that inspires confidence. When I needed help navigating the sometimes complicated Canadian legal system, Zeina delivered straight, practical and workable solutions to my...

My Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Applied Criminal Justice SudiesBachelor of Applied Criminal Justice Sudies

  • 10 years court of queens bench supervisor of divorce10 years court of queens bench supervisor of divorce

  • Conflict Resolution Certificate Mediation and NegotiationConflict Resolution Certificate Mediation and Negotiation

  • Commissioner of OathsCommissioner of Oaths

  • Training Coach - Conflict Resolution ProgramTraining Coach - Conflict Resolution Program

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